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On November 6, 2012, the State of Massachusetts became the 18'th state in the nation to legalize the use and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes. With an overwhelming 63% of votes cast in favor of the measure and 37% cast against it, the State of Massachusetts will now allow qualified patients the opportunity to obtain and use marijuana for controlling symptoms of certain medical conditions, including AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, cancer and other debilitating medical conditions. The proposed new law will allow qualified patients to possess up to a sixty-day supply of medical marijuana and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will decide exactly what amount of marijuana constitutes a “sixty-day supply.”

Under the new ballot measure, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will work closely over the next few months with health care professionals and local public safety individuals to develop a system of cultivation, distribution, sales and use of medical cannabis for qualified patients in the state. The Department of Health will be responsible for medical marijuana regulation and will consider the experiences of other states that allow medical use in formulating the system under which the State of Massachusetts will provide medical marijuana for use by its qualified residents, including the opening of 35 medical marijuana dispensaries and the establishment of facilities from which to grow and process the medicinal plant. 

Although it seems that a majority of residents in Massachusetts favor legalization of medical marijuana, some are still apprehensive about the ramifications of the new law.
Some communities are already looking for ways to ban dispensaries in their localities and others are looking for ways to establish them!

The medical marijuana legalization became law in December of 2012 and the Massachusetts Department of Health will have approximately four months to open at least one medical marijuana dispensary in every county in the State of Massachusetts.

Like in many other states, the people of the State of Massachusetts have spoken and possession and use of marijuana will now be allowed and criminal charges will be terminated for those who have qualified debilitating medical conditions, the symptoms of which can be eased by the use of medical cannabis.


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DISCLAIMER: Marijuana acts as an intermediary between the product and the patients. 
Marijuana does not directly engage in the sales, distribution, 
or growing of medical marijuana. Medicinal cannabis should only be used by 
patients holding a medical marijuana ID card.
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