Western MA Caregiver

Holy Smoke Caregiver

Accepting new patients: Yes

Area: Massachusetts

Email: xholysmoke@gmail.com

Phone: 413-693-6283

About Holy Smoke Caregiver:

We specialize in edibles, concentrates, and novelty THC products.  We will provide professional service for a qualified MMJ patient in the Baystate area, or any other part of Massachusetts if needed. Service is very important to us, and helping those who are in need is our passion. 
Medical Cannabis MA, holy smoke caregiver/delivery

Featured Product


  • Local Headies (Sour Diesal, SnowDawg, M-39, OG Kush)
  • Our Local Farm Presents (All Kush, Laindon's Lavender, Amnesia Lemon, Strawberry Wobble)


  • Snickerdoodles
  • Gummies


  • Swiss Cheese Shatter